Total PointsProject KeywordsProject Description
45.11%audio volumeDo you want a way to adjust the volume of the ROM-generated audio (or samples) relative to the laserdisc audio?
13.04%emulated soundDo you want the emulated sound effects in games like Dragon's Lair, Bega's Battle, or Cobra Command to sound better?
10.87%video-in, video capture, real laserdisc playerDo you want to use a real laserdisc player and a video capture card to play Daphne games without having to use a separate TV? (this project may involve more than one poll to complete if it turns out to be a lot of work)
9.24%better overlay scoreboardDo you want the overlay scoreboard for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace to be more colorful and look more like the original scoreboard? (this would be an OpenGL only enhancement)
8.15%zooming, freedom fighter, star riderDo you want to add video 'zooming' to the Daphne engine? This feature is a necessary step for emulation of games like Star Rider and Freedom Fighter, which zoomed in on the video to give the illusion of having more control over the game.
7.61%smoother graphicsDo you want games like Bega's Battle, Cobra Command, and Mach 3 to have smoother graphics?
5.43%timing problems, dragon's lair, space ace, v0.99.7Do you want the reported timing problems in v0.99.7 to be investigated and fixed if possible?
0.54%key remap, new versionDo you want a new version of Daphne to be released? Do you want keymap support to be added to DaphneLoader v2?
0%2 joysticksDo you want Daphne to support more than one joystick?
0%analog joystick, firefoxDo you want to move Daphne one small step closer to supporting Firefox and any other game that requires analog joystick support?
0%stop codes, better multiple mpeg support, dragon's lair 2 single mpegDo you want Daphne to treat multiple video files as if they were a single video file? Do you want stop code support added so that a single video file could be used with Dragon's Lair 2?
0%fps indicatorDo you want to see what the current framerate is when you are playing a game?
0%fastbootDo you want Dragon's Lair Enhanced (v1.1, v2.0, v2.1), Space Ace Enhanced, Dragon's Lair 2 (v3.19 only!!), Space Ace '91, and Thayer's Quest to boot faster? (Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Cliff Hanger already have a fast boot option from the command-line)
0%reverse playback, time travelerDo you want support added for 'reverse playback' for VLDP, which is a necessary step for Time Traveler emulation? (reverse playback may require a separate mpeg that is encoded backward)
0%joystick deadzone, reverse Y-axis, deadzone, window titleDo you want to be able to reverse the Y-axis on the joystick and also adjust where the 'deadzone' is? Do you want the Daphne Window title to say which game is currently being played and which version of Daphne is running?
0%mac OSX universal binaryDo you want a 'universal binary' built for the OSX version of DAPHNE? (so that it would run on PCC or intel)
0%space ace '83, space ace '91Do you want Daphne to be able to use a Space Ace '83 laserdisc (or mpeg) with the Space Ace '91 ROMs?
0%goal to goDo you want the Goal To Go driver fixed?