Q: I've used DaphneLoader to download some files and now I want to use these files on another computer. How do I do this?

A: On Windows, first exit DaphneLoader (by doing File->Exit), then copy the entire Daphne folder to the other computer, then run DaphneLoader on the new computer. DaphneLoader will verify some files, and may prompt you for a DVD again. After this is finished, you will be able to play the games.

If you can't copy the Daphne folder, it probably means that DaphneLoader is still running (look in the systray in the lower right-hand corner).

If you're on linux or OSX, then you need to copy your Daphne home directory. On linux, the home directory is $HOME/.daphne, on OSX it is $HOME/Documents/DAPHNE User Data.

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