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Apple 2 Stuff

This has absolutely nothing to do with Daphne but I needed a convenient place to put it :)

Why do I like emulation? It's because I love the idea that the emulator can fool the program into thinking it is original hardware and the program doesn't know the difference.

Well, I grew up on Apple // computers (specifically the Apple //+ and the Apple //gs) and I suddenly realized recently that an emulator should be able to run a copy protected disk image and fool the copy protection code into "passing" the copy protection test, so that one wouldn't need to run a cracked copy of the image on the emulator.

There is really no reason why emulators need to run cracked images... except that no one has tried to make them run copy protected images! (at least not to any great lengths, some effort _has_ been done with .nib files)

Why preserve the original copy protected images? Because as a kid, I was completely baffled by the copy protection routines and even more baffled that people were able to crack them. So I'd like to keep the copy protected images around to study them out of curiosity(if they can even be obtained). Most of the stuff I've read about how to crack games does not explain how nibble counts work, they just say "there is a nibble count and here is how to defeat it". It's really quite a shame.

Anyway, I am going to include some notes on various copy protection schemes here as I research and understand them.

The Black Cauldron //e


Marble Madness //gs

coming soon.. :) Or maybe not, I can't seem to find my original Marble Madness GS disk anymore.

Microzine #8


Microzine #11, #12, #14, #18


Microzine #2, #17, #23


Microzine #19


Microzine #22


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