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Modification to make Dexter work better

Badlands appears to send the first command to the laserdisc player so quickly that Dexter may miss it if Badlands and Dexter are powered on at the same time. If Dexter does not respond to this command, Badlands will hang.

To workaround this, one must either power on Dexter before powering on Badlands, reset Badlands after powering it on, or replace one of the capacitors on the Badlands PCB with a larger value so that Badlands takes longer to come online.

The capacitor to replace doesn't seem to have a unique label on the PCB, so I've attempted to provide pictures of it.

Badlands which cap to replace.jpg

Badlands which cap to replace pcb.jpg

Replacing this 47uF cap with something bigger (like 470uF) will make the game take longer to boot-up and give Dexter more time to come online.

This modification comes from Matt Mac Donagh aka Gamefixer.

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