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The Space Ace Annunciator

I have done some work on the scoreboard code for Daphne recently (well at least, recently at the time of this writing) and I found that I had to relearn how the so-called annunciator board works in conjunction with the Space Ace ROMs and the scoreboard. Here's the scoop:

The Space Ace ROMs sends values of 0xCC to the following addresses:

Address Annunciator Description Alternate Function
0xE03B enable Ace skill LED player 1 digit 3
0xE03D enable Captain skill LED player 1 digit 5
0xE03E enable Cadet skill LED player 1 lives
0xE03F clear all LED's player 2 lives

NOTE : that by the time 0xCC gets to the real hardware, it has been reduced to just 0x0C which is an 'H' character. Therefore, I have strong reason to believe that on Space Ace, the 'H' character cannot be displayed on the scoreboard in the places mentioned above in the 'alternate function' column.

Time Traveler Notes

(from a chat with Mark B)

 oh cool, the "schematics" on DLP has a PCB layout (though no real schematics)
 looks like it says the UART is a PB2050 or P82050
 the board looks really simple
 and there is a secondary PCB call "display" that has 8 Alphanumeric devices on it
 that must be the "RAM GOOD" display area
 there are two on it called 2c55a which I think are parallel port chips
 then there is a max232 which I think is the RS232 driver
 then the CPU and UART
 some RAM and ROM
 and that's about it
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