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PCB Patch Wire Info

  • U2-1 going to pin 1 of unlabeled PAL (MMI 20X8CNS, 8341 SHRP) on top-right of board
  • U3-1 going to pin 4 of U6 (PAL "2")
  • U3-? two more
  • U6-2 (GND) going to U6-7. Thus making U6-[7-12] all GND as design originally called before traces were cut.
  • U6-24 (VCC) going to [unnamed PAL]-24 (VCC)
  • U6-? four wires total
  • U12-? at least one
  • U23-? three wires
  • U25-? at least one
  • U33-? one wire
  • U34-? at least one
  • U36-? at least one
  • U60-? at least one
  • U65-? at least one
  • [unnamed PAL]
  • Q5-? at least one

Connector notes

J1 molex pins (PCB solder style) : molex 02-06-8103 (digikey part WM1004-ND)

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