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The problem

Dexter uses a Raspberry Pi to output audio. Unfortunately, this audio isn't the cleanest in the world. The rest of this page will document ways to improve the audio quality.


Changing power input

To make Dexter simple to use, we recommend people use the included barrel jack to power Dexter. However, if one powers Dexter through the Raspberry Pi, this may slightly improve the audio quality.

Before (using barrel jack to power)

Dex noise before.jpg

After (using Raspberry Pi to power)

Dex noise after.jpg


You can get an adapter like this one ( ) to provide power through the Raspberry Pi with the power supply that ships with Dexter.

Dragon's Lair specific

Dragon's Lair's PCB from the factory is extra noisy. Here are some tips to improve the noise.

Changing mis-configured potentiometer cable

Apply this fix:

Replacing the audio capacitors and resistors

Replace the Dragon's Lair motherboard audio capacitors and a few resistors with new ones.

Here is a work-in-progress guide for doing this:

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