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Default Input

Most of the DAPHNE games use Key Environmental Inc common set of controls. For the most up to date information on the current controls, run DaphneLoader, select a game, click Configure, and click on the 'Input' tab.

The default DAPHNE keyboard controls are:

ESC Quit the game
5 and 6 Insert Coin (coin chutes)
1 Player 1 Start (and "FEET" in Cliffhanger)
2 Player 2 Start (and "FEET" in Cliffhanger)
Arrow Keys Directional Movement
CTRL or Space Bar Button #1 (Primary fire and/or Sword)
Left ALT Button #2 (Alternate fire, used in Bega's Battle, Cobra Command, etc)
Left Shift Button #3 (used in a few games like Road Blaster, if memory serves)
/ (keypad) Cadet skill level (Space Ace)
* (keypad) Captain skill level (Space Ace)
-(keypad) Space Ace skill level (Space Ace)
P Pause game (laserdisc player must be playing)
T Tilt game (just a gimmick, only works in a few games)
9 Go into service mode (used in Dragon's Lair 2)
F2 Go into test mode (similar to service mode, used in Cliff Hanger)
F3 Reset/reboot game
F12 Take screenshot (VLDP only)

Space Ace

Note that Space Ace uses the /, *, and - keys on the numeric keypad to select the skill level. When you insert coins and then press 1 or 2 to start a 1 or 2 player games, it will beep for a few seconds at which time you can select your skill level. If you don't press anything, it will default to easy level.

Cliff Hanger

Note that Cliff Hanger shares the 1 and 2 player buttons with the 'feet' button.

Changing Keyboard Input


DaphneLoader is the easiest way to change which keys do what in Daphne.


If you want to change Daphne's keyboard input without using DaphneLoader (which is not recommended), then you will need to either edit or create a file called dapinput.ini inside Daphne's home directory.

The format of each line the file is as follows:

key name = keysym1 keysym2 buttonID

The "keysyms" refer to keyboard codes that are defined by the SDL library. The buttonID refers to buttons on a joystick where 0 means no button and 1 is the first button (at least, as far as I can remember haha). A full list of "keysyms" can be found in the KeyList section.

An example of a dapinput.ini file is:

KEY_UP = 273 114 0
KEY_DOWN = 274 102 0
KEY_LEFT = 276 100 0
KEY_RIGHT = 275 103 0
KEY_BUTTON1 = 306 97 0
KEY_BUTTON2 = 308 115 0
KEY_BUTTON3 = 32 113 0
KEY_START1 = 49 0 0
KEY_START2 = 50 0 0
KEY_COIN1 = 53 0 0
KEY_COIN2 = 54 0 0
KEY_SKILL1 = 304 119 0
KEY_SKILL2 = 122 105 0
KEY_SKILL3 = 120 107 0
KEY_SERVICE = 57 0 0
KEY_TEST = 283 0 0
KEY_RESET = 284 0 0
KEY_QUIT = 27 0 0

Thayer's Quest Input

Thayer's Quest is different from other arcade games in that it used a keyboard instead of a usual joystick and buttons.

Thayer's Quest keys cannot be changed as of the time of this writing.

The keys are as follows:

F1 Choice #1 (triangle) / Clear
F2 Choice #2 (circle)
F3 Choice #3 (square) / Enter (NOTE : the regular Enter key on the keyboard does nothing)
F4 Choice #4 (pentagon) / Space (NOTE : the regular spacebar on the keyboard does nothing)
F5 Insert Coin
F6 Insert Coin
1 Yes
2 Items
3 Drop Item
4 Give Score
5 Replay
6 Combine Action
7 Save Game (NOTE : saving games is not supported at the time of this writing)
8 Update
9 Hint
0 No

The rest of the keyboard is the same as it is on a Thayer's Quest keyboard, which is shown below:


Daphne has basic support for a joystick.

Daphne will automatically use the first installed joystick that it can detect. The direction of the joystick is fixed and cannot be changed (ie you cannot flip the up and down direction).

You can change what the joystick buttons do. Use DaphneLoader to do this.

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