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Warning.png This is an advanced section! Most people do not have a real laserdisc player! If you don't know if you have one or not, then you probably do not.

Laserdisc Player Configuration

When using a real laserdisc player, you will need to connect your laserdisc player to a TV (or similar device). The game will be displayed on your TV, but will be controlled by your computer. Your computer controls the laserdisc player by means of serial cable that runs from the back of your computer into the back of the laserdisc player. The type of cable you need depends on the type of laserdisc player that you have.

Depending on what type of laserdisc player you have, go to one of the following sections:

Sony laserdisc players

Pioneer laserdisc players (except for the LD-V6000 series)

Pioneer LD-V6000 laserdisc players

Hitachi VIP-9550 laserdisc players

Philips laserdisc players

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