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Microzine #22 (The Haunted Channels)

This copy protection is very similar to Microzine #19.

Finding The Protection

I've cracked enough Microzine disks by now that I'm seeing a pattern. Oftentimes, the first program BRUN'd is a very small program that is loaded at $9000 and does a nibble check, and then RUN's HELLO on success. I just did a CATALOG using CiderPress of the disk and looked for files that started at $9000 that were small. There were only a few and the one I was looking for ended up being called XMGPRT1. Much like Microzine #19, it does a JSR to $9073 to do the nibble check.

The Crack

Same method as #19.

With a sector editor

Search for "20 73 90 68 68". I found mine on track $16, sector $F, byte $26. Simply change the $20 to an $AD (changes JSR $9073 to LDA $9073) and the copy protection will be bypassed.

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