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 Post subject: Laser Game Interactive Demonstration Success!!!
PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 4:22 am 
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Hi All,

This is Tony M. Victorino.

Laser Game Interactive Demonstration Success!!!

Across from CAX at the Hilton Hotel, I set up my first Laser Game Interactive Demonstration. I Invited anyone from the DLP, DAPHNE,
and Friends to show up at my room to see this Newest Project of mine.

On the Evening of Friday I got to the Hotel. I brought up All of my Stuff, including All of the LGI Items, to my room and set my Laser Game Interactive up. I had some trouble with the wiring not working right, but I thought that it should be an easy fix, and I had tomorrow to mess with it.

On Saturday morning, I still had problems with the wiring, but it was working O.K., just would loose continuity in the wiring now and then.

Later in the Day I talked to All of the DLP, DAPHNE, and Friends at CAX. They were All Excided to see my Lastest Project. I told them that I was having a little trouble with it, but it should still be O.K. to demonstrate. Of course, Rockford was unsatified with that.
He said that I should get back to my Room and fix the &@#$ Thing.

Well, I went back to my Room and messed around with it until it stopped working all together. ;(.....

I ran out of time, because I had to get back to CAX to see the Atari Demo of the not released Laser Games.

On my way to the Atari Demo,I ran into Jeff Kinder, who was also All Excided to see my Lastest Project. I had to tell him that it stopped working All together. He and others still wanted to see it, and may be able to fix it, if it was still not working right.

After the Atari Demo was over. I went back to my room to try one more time to fix my Project. Well, to make a long story short. I was able to get it back into working shape. ;).....

After meating up with the Gang, again, we all went out to Dinner at the Chicago Pizza Parlor. Boy that hit the spot. :)

After that, we All went up to my Room. Crossing my Fingers, I was able to show how my Laser Game Interactive works. In fact, the System worked better than before, saving me from eating CROW. ;)

Here is some background on this Project:

I was using my Home PC with DAPHNE. I was also using the Video and Sound from the 20th Aniversary DL DVD MPEGs. I was also using the
DLE 2.0 and SAE 1.0 Eprom Images. I showed how the Laser Game Interactive worked with Space Ace and Dragon's Lair for this demostration. Space Ace was in Ace Mode and Dragon's Lair was in Prototype Mode. Unlimited Lives for Testing, of course.

I hooked up a Playstation 2 to PC USB Port Controller. I them hooked up a Dance Dance Revolution Metal Dance Pad, a Hand-Held Controller with Wrist ENERGIZER Button (For Space Ace), and 3 Opto. Beam Sensors
for the Sword/Hand Action (For Dragon's Lair & Space Ace) All together. The Idea is to make these Laser Disc Games more Interactive.
And to bring a fresh new way of playing these Games using new technology from the 20th Century, Ur, I mean, 21st Century.
(Inside Joke) LOL!!!

You choose which way that you want Dexster/Ace or Dirk to go by Stepping on the Dance Pad in the direction you want them to go.
The Sword/Hand Action Sensors are for any Hand Action. Examples:
to grab a Rope, Chain, Ladder, Swing a Sword, or to Pick Up Something.
The Hand-Held Controller for Space Ace had a Trigger for use with Dexster/Ace firing and/or using a Weapon, a Wrist ENERGIZER Button for you to use to ENERGIZE Dexster into Ace. It also had a Joystick devise to be used with when Dexster/Ace is controlling some sort of Space Craft.

I also showed how to use a Playstation 2 Soul Controller with Dragon's Lair, as well. This Controller is a Sword RF Wireless
Playstation 2 Controller, that when you swing the Sword, it activates a button. I want to combine this with my LGI Project, so that I can separate the Hand-Action from the Sword Action for use with Dragon's Lair. Still need to work out the bugggggs. ;)

I am going to test out my LGI with other Laser Disc Games, as well,
Like Cliff Hanger, Dragon's Lair 2, and Etc..., soon.

Wish me luck!

If there is anyone that saw my demonstation, please feel free to comment on it, here. If anyone has Photo's or Video, please feel free to post them here or send a copy to DAPHNE. You can also send them to me by E-mail, if you wish.

Well, that's All for now.

Yours Truly,

Tony M. Victorino

End of line...

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