Dexter and Merlin-8000
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Author:  cyan [ Sun May 29, 2016 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Dexter and Merlin-8000

My original question on the Facebook group:

So interesting question - my control cable from my V8000 has a DB13 connector on the host side (which Dexter doesn't support). Anyone have an idea how I should go about solving this? Should I try to get one of the DLP project replacement ribbon cables (for Pioneer?). I've got Merlin so it'll probably support anything I throw at it -- i just need to able to plug that control cable into Dexter so the game will be playable. thoughts?

Discussion points:

News flash - Dexter doesn't emulate the V8000. Ergo, Merlin-8000 with the LD-V8000 cable will also not work.

There are two solutions to the problem -- one immediate, and one future.

Shaun can sell you a V1000 cable (with the Centronics plug, which DOES work on Dexter), but it also requires you to swap out the Merlin-8000 ROM for a Merlin-1000 ROM.. that or re-install the original ROM board (which, in my case, I do not have).

Easy enough - I had an old 8000 (v3.0) ROM anyways, so it was nice to get the "latest" V1000 rom for the Merlin board.. plus the cable.

The only other caveat/problem that I ran into is that the DIP switch settings for DL-2F difficulty are different between the older 8000 3.0 rom and the current 1000 4.3 -- game wouldn't start, until I flipped B2 to On (for On/Off/On - "always hard" in DL1).

The longer term solution.. is that when the Dexter side of Merlin-DX is complete, you'll be able to select games via the menu and not have to worry about using Dexter Manager to switch ROMs.. but that still requires a Merlin hardware upgrade to support DL2:TImewarp.. and you still need the Centronics V1000 cable.

So .. the crux of all of this is:

If you have an LD-V8000, don't panic! Google his website for Lasercon/Merlin (I can't link the URL), talk to Shaun.. and all will be set. Shaun was kind enough to send me the ROM and cable inside of a couple of days.

Next up - downloading Dexter Manager. First, I need to figure out where Dexter Manager is located.. :)

Thanks everyone.. and especially Matt and Shaun!

Author:  cyan [ Sun May 29, 2016 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dexter and the LD-V8000

.. and for the record, I'm not hassling Matt about Merlin-DX. -At all-.

I'd much rather see everyone get their boards shipped out, before Matt takes his time fixing what can be worked around in the short term. :)

Author:  Brad O. [ Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dexter and Merlin-8000

Good info.... thanks for the informative post!

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