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 Post subject: Multiple Topics actually.. Errors, Wishes
PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:49 am 
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First and foremost, thanks for the excellent work so far, and this is not meant in any way as an attack :)

1) The automatically downloaded Dragon's Lair ROM named has incorrectly named ROMs, according to Daphne. They are all named "DLU?.BIN" and Daphne seems to be looking for "DL_X_U?.BIN" files. I renamed them and it then loaded just fine and played well. However, shortly after that the zip file gets locked by Daphne Loader and my re-named files get changed back. The only way to keep it correct is to turn off the download function. Not that I plan to use it a lot (probably stick with DLE21 in Prototype mode for the most part.)

2) When using the automatic settings, I noticed that the main Dragon's Lair disk is shared with the Prototype - DLP Limited Edition (NTSC 2002) disk. Would I be correct in assuming that the downloaded lair.* files are actually the Prototype disk. And that the main game can use that disk and still be identical (or close enough,) to how it played in the arcade?

3) Also about the downloaded disks. I don't particularly need the Spanish editions (and don't really want to waste the HDD space for them,) but I did notice that they cannot be downloaded. Is this planned for the future? I don't speak Spanish, but I'm sure there are also Spanish speakers out there that don't understand English that well. Would be nice if they could play as well :)

4) There are, however, versions I would like to try out that are also not downloaded. The English 1st Press of Dragon's Lair II (is there a Spanish 1st Press?) is one example. I've read a lot about the 1991 PAL release, and I'm sort of curious about that as well. Not to mention the 1991 US re-make of Space Ace. Are any of these earmarked for future release as part of the download? I'd also love to see the "Unfinished Cinematronics 1983" edition of Dragon's Lair II. I didn't even know it existed until I was editing the XML file to try and figure it out :) Yes I poke into everything. On this note, as making all these available would make a rather large download, any plans to allow one to limit the downloads in the future? Been asked before, I know, but I didn't see an answer.

5) Every time I come across a Daphne package (I usually just stick with the source for downloads, but I do search for front ends, editors, utilities and such,) it seems to be packaged with ROMs that it doesn't support. Some I could care less about, but others are ones I would dearly love to play again. OK, mainly just 2, Fire Fox and Freedom Fighter. Were these at one time supported? If so, is there a way (or a problem with,) getting the old version that used to support them?

6) Is there a plan to ever allow setting a different joystick? I've tried 3 different controllers in 5 different USB ports (including my HUB,) they all get mapped as Joystick 2 and Daphne doesn't see it. I can use a Joystick re-mapper (maybe, haven't actually tried it yet,) but I'd rather not do that. Whether I will need to reverse the Y axis or not doesn't matter right now, as I cannot use a joystick at all. On a note with the above question, can the mouse ever be used? Seems a game like Freedom Fighter (Light Gun IIRC,) would need a mouse if one doesn't have a Light Gun (boy are those things expensive, just looked them up, around $100.) Oh, what about a Light Gun? :)

That's it for now. Sorry for the small novel, I tend to be rather verbose at times. Again, I love it :) I even like/agree with the copyright precautions you put in. Just a few nagging little issues I thought I'd bring up.

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 Post subject: Re: Multiple Topics actually.. Errors, Wishes
PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:42 pm 
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Thanks for the list. I will move this thread to a place where it won't get deleted :)

Check out my cool projects!

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