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Dragon's Lair II Enhancement for Merlin-Dx/Dexter multigame

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:38 pm
by Dave Hallock
DL2E for Dexter is finally here!
After a year+ of poring over details and trying to seamlessly integrate 3 different pieces of software, 3 pieces of hardware, and edit a new video file, the Merlin-Dx multigame system now offers all three Bluth games in one cabinet with quick joystick selection! Thank you to everyone who has been waiting!

The Dragon's Lair II Enhancement web page.

The DL2E video file for Dexter is new, and distribution of it will be through Dexter's licensed channels. If you want to get Merlin-Dx/DL2E and you already have a Dexter with a DL2 video license, your current license will cover the video update. (If you have a Dexter without a DL2 license, you'd need to get it.) When ordering a new Dexter and Merlin-Dx/DL2E, specify the pre-installation of the DL2E LDIMG for shipment. Dexter is currently available for pre-order until July 10, 2017. What timing!

The Merlin-Dx web page.