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Warning.png Running Daphne from the command-line is advanced usage. For regular Daphne usage, we recommend that you run Daphne using DaphneLoader.


Quick Start

You may find it much easier to edit a working command line than trying to create one from scratch.

DaphneLoader can display the command line it will use before launching a game. To enable this functionality, select a game, click Configure, go to the Advanced tab, and enable "Display command line".

Command Line Format

The command line format is:

daphne <game type> <laserdisc player type> <options>

The game type and laserdisc player type are required, while the options are not.

Game Types

Game Type Description
ace, ace_a, ace_a2 Space Ace NTSC
ace91, ace91_euro Space Ace '91
aceeuro Space Ace PAL
astron, astronp Astron Belt
badlands, badlandp Badlands
bega, begar1 Bega's Battle
blazer Star Blazer
cliff, cliffalt, cliffalt2 Cliff Hanger
cobra, cobraab, cobraconv, cobram3 Cobra Command
dle11 Dragon's Lair Enhancement v1.1
dle21 Dragon's Lair Enhancement v2.1
esh, eshalt, eshalt2 Esh's Aurunmilla
galaxy, galaxyp Galaxy Ranger
gpworld GP World
interstellar Interstellar
lair, lair_f, lair_e, lair_d, lair_c, lair_b, lair_a, lair_x Dragon's Lair NTSC
lair_n1 Dragon's Lair NTSC (prototype)
laireuro, lair_d2 Dragon's Lair PAL
lair_ita Dragon's Lair PAL (Italian)
lair2, lair2_* Dragon's Lair 2
mach3 M.A.C.H. 3
roadblaster Road Blaster
sae Space Ace Enhancement
sdq, sdq* Super Don Quix-ote
tq, tq* Thayer's Quest
uvt Us vs Them

Laserdisc Player Types

Laserdisc Type Description
hitachi Hitachi VIP-9550
noldp No Laserdisc Player (testing only)
philips Philips Player
pioneer Pioneer Common Players
sony Sony Players
v6000 Pioneer LD-V6000 Players
vldp Virtual LaserDisc Player (most people will use this one)

Game Options

-altaudio <suffix string> Specifies a suffix to be added to the audio filenames that Daphne would normally try to use. The purpose is so you can use alternate audio for games like Esh's Aurunmilla which had both English and Japanese audio. VLDP only.
-bank <which bank> <base2 value> Used to modify dip switch settings. The 'which bank' argument specifies which dip switch bank to modify, where 0 is the first bank. The 'base2 value' argument is in 8-bit binary form that is composed of 1's and 0's, where the right-most bit corresponds to the first dip switch. For example, if you wanted to enable dip switch 0 in bank 0, but disable switches 1-7, then you'd do "-bank 0 00000001". Tip: it's much easier to let DaphneLoader figure this out for you by using the Show Command Line option under the Advanced Usage configuration tab.!
-baud <baud rate> Specifies the baud rate to use when controlling a real laserdisc player. Valid values are 9600 or 4800.
-blank_searches Forces the screen to go blank during searches. VLDP only.
-blank_skips Forces the screen to go blank during skips. VLDP only.
-blocking Forces all searches to be blocking, which means that the CPU emulation and everything else will be paused until a search completes. This is only here for historical reasons and we do not recommend that you use it.
-cheat Enables cheating. Cheating is not available for all games. Each game only has one cheat. Most cheats give you unlimited lives.
-enable_leds Enables keyboard LEDs for Space Ace. The original Space Ace arcade game had three LED's that corresponded to the skill settings of Cadet, Captain, and Ace. Daphne can make the keyboard LED's mimic this behavior. This requires administrator privileges.
-fastboot Makes games start faster. Only available on a few games like Dragon's Lair.
-framefile <framefile location> Points to the Framefile used by VLDP. VLDP only.
-fullscale Scale the game overlay graphics to the virtual screen dimension this is needed when Daphne is used for overlaying game graphics over the real laserdisc movie (using a video genlock), and the screen dimension is different from the dimensions of the game.
-fullscreen Runs Daphne in fullscreen mode (instead of windowed mode).
-homedir <dirname> Sets the Home Directory that Daphne will use.
-idleexit <seconds> Tells Daphne to exit after a certain number of seconds if no input has been received.
-ignore_aspect_ratio Tells Daphne not to force the correct aspect ratio (usually 4:3) regardless of the window size.
-latency <milliseconds> Adds a delay before all searches occur which causes scenes to last a little longer. Useful for Dragon's Lair F2 ROMs that cut some scenes off prematurely.
-min_seek_delay <milliseconds> The minimum amount of milliseconds to force a seek to take (artificial delay). 0 = disabled. VLDP only.
-nocrc Disables CRC32 checking (not recommended).
-nohwaccel Disables hardware acceleration when in YUV mode. Only use this if hardware acceleration doesn't work. VLDP only
-noissues Don't display warnings about game driver problems.
-nojoystick Disables any joysticks that may be plugged in. Joysticks will normally be used if available.
-nolog Disables writing to the log file (daphne_log.txt).
-noserversend Tells Daphne not to send any usage statistics to the central Daphne server. Use this if you have no internet connection or don't want to share your usage information.
-nosound Disables all sound.
-nospeech Disables speech for Thayer's Quest.
-opengl Uses OpenGL hardware acceleration instead of hardware YUV overlays. OpenGL is probably faster but is more experimental and only works on newer hardware.
-pal_dl Tells Daphne that you are using a PAL Philips Dragon's Lair disc instead of an NTSC Dragon's Lair disc. Only relevant when playing the USA version of Dragon's Lair.
-pal_dl_sc Tells Daphne that you are using a PAL Software Corner Dragon's Lair disc instead of an NTSC Dragon's Lair disc. Only relevant when playing the USA version of Dragon's Lair.
-pal_sa Tells Daphne that you are using a PAL Philips Space Ace disc instead of an NTSC Space Ace disc. Only relevant when playing the USA version of Space Ace.
-pal_sa_sc Tells Daphne that you are using a PAL Software Corner Space Ace disc instead of an NTSC Space Ace disc. Only relevant when playing the USA version of Space Ace.
-port <port number> Sets which serial port to plug a real laserdisc player into. 0 corresponds to COM1.
-prefer_samples Same games can emulate sound or use samples of sounds. If both emulated and sampled sounds are available, this option will force sampled sounds to be used. Otherwise, emulated sounds will always be used.
-preset <preset number> A simple way to pass arguments directly to the game driver. Tells the game driver to use a specific preset configuration. Different for each game.
-rotate <degrees> Rotates the screen a certain number of degrees counter-clockwise. Valid values are from 0-359. Only works in OpenGL mode.
-seek_frames_per_ms <number of frames> The # of frames that we can seek per millisecond (to simulate seek delay). Typical values for real laserdisc players are about 30.0 for 29.97fps discs and 20.0 for 23.976fps discs (dragon's lair and space ace). FLOATING POINT VALUES ARE ALLOWED HERE.

Minimum value is 12.0 (5 seconds for 60,000 frames), maximum value is 600.0 (100 milliseconds for 60,000 frames). If you want a value higher than the max, you should just use 0 (as fast as possible). 0 = disabled. VLDP only; this option may be replaced by something more accurate in the future.

-scoreboard Enables external Scoreboard.
-scoreport <port number> Sets which parallel port to use with the scoreboard. 0 correspond to LPT1. As of v1.0.12, any value over 1 will indicate the address of the parallel port in hexadecimal. So instead of passing in 0, I could pass in 378 which would achieve the same result.
-sound_buffer <number of samples> Sets the number of samples in the sound buffer. Daphne runs at 44,100 kHz which means 44,100 samples per second. The sound buffer size is typically 2048 samples. Lower values make the sound more responsive but choppier, while higher values make the sound smoother but more sluggish.
-spaceace91 Tells Daphne that you are using a Space Ace '91 disc instead of a Space Ace '83 NTSC disc. Only relevant when you are playing the USA version of Space Ace '83.
-sram_continuous_update Saves the static RAM after every search so that if Daphne is terminated improperly, high scores are preserved.
-startsilent Tells Daphne to start with no sound until input has been received.
-stoponquit Tells Daphne to stop the laserdisc player when Daphne exits. Only useful when using a real laserdisc player.
-trace Breaks Daphne into a debugger as soon as the CPU execution starts. Daphne must be compiled in Debug mode for this feature to be available.
-use_annunciator Use this when using a real Space Ace scoreboard with the annunciator board attached. Space Ace only.
-useoverlaysb <overlay number> Enables a graphical scoreboard for Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, or Thayer's Quest. The 'overlay number' is the style of scoreboard. Currently the two choices for the 'overlay number' are 0 and 1. VLDP only.
-version <version number> Used to specify a specific ROM version if multiple ROM versions are available. Every ROM version has a unique name so you should never need to use this.
-vertical_stretch <lines to stretch> Vertically stretches the screen outward from the center. The purpose of this is to remove the black bars on the top and bottom of Cliff Hanger. To get rid of these black bars on Cliff Hanger, use a value of 24. VLDP only.
-volume_nonvldp <volume> Sets the volume of all audio besides the laserdisc audio when using VLDP (max value is 64, 0 means muted). VLDP only.
-volume_vldp <volume> Sets the volume of the laserdisc audio when using VLDP (max value is 64, 0 means muted). VLDP only.
-x <horizontal resolution> Specifies the width of the game window (in pixels).
-y <vertical resolution> Specifies the height of the game window (in pixels).
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